Monday, October 15, 2012

The Definition of 'Exists'

When the observer-side of the existential feedback loop function is nullified in some way, the causal linkage is broken and the existential division line is crossed, leaving into the realm of the non-observational functions and axioms. Time, as a by-product of the observational function ceases to exist. However, because a timeless state is created a new observational function is anthropically selected seemingly-instantaneously.

Dreams and visionary experiences related to ego-loss are instances of this happening. As is the universe itself being "created", ex-nihilo. It would seem consciousness must arise at some point from nihile because everything mathematically plausible will form out of the nihile-void and the observational functions among the morass of mathematical entities will bubble up across the existential division line between observational function and non-observational timeless nihile.

as an addendum; to address the fact/dilemma that there are seemingly multitudes of consciousnesses in the same universe. I turn to two potential answers. They are bound to be controversial because I draw from religious sources a bit. 
They are: A.) The deistic interpretation: The first consciousness to anthropically select this universe is more primordial, something like what religions have previously called God and this thing shaped us to have consciousnesses similar to it or "in its image"
B.) Consciousnesses are not separate from each other except in an illusory sense. All humanity and life here and elsewhere that possesses consciousness, all possess the same consciousness with illusory fragmentation into individuals. This collective consciousness is the one that was created out of the nihile.

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