Sunday, January 26, 2014

Free Will or Glandular Response Memory?

The root of a being's will on this planet is glandular.

 The endocrine system is responsible for how we feel, about anything. If you feel disgusted or aroused or any other feeling, including emotions, you are feeling the  products of an endocrine release of chemicals throughout your body at various points such as, the Hypothalamus, the pineal gland, pituitary and thyroid, there are other sub-endocrine systems within the heart, gonads and kidneys.

 If our will is what we feel we should be doing, and thus what free will believers would say they decide they will do, then the will is the product of glandular releases of neurotransmitters and other chemicals that have effects on cells.

The notion of free will can retreat into the mental realm, but how we make decisions is supposed to be based on opinions we have formed some feeling about. That feeling is or was formed by the endocrine system.

In the case of the supposed "decision-making" process the brain is remembering what neurotransmitters and other hormones felt like and the decision is thus informed entirely by the endocrine system. We access the memory of the endocrine system through a different 'seeming' mental process that we are mostly conscious of. This mental process feels slightly different then the first reaction, but in extreme cases the memory of something can trigger the same endocrine response, rather than a subdued impression of that endocrine response.

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